Marigold Bartlett
Jason Bakker
Maize Wallin
Russell Dilley
Kalonica Quigley

Based in Melbourne, Australia

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Wayward Strand is a touching, empathetic narrative game, woven together from many distinct threads, all of which play out simultaneously aboard an airborne hospital in 1970s Australia.

In Wayward Strand you play as Casey Beaumaris, a teenage girl visiting the hospital for the first time. Over the course of three days, she will explore the history of the ship, the lives of its inhabitants, and their relationships to one another.

Once aboard, she can visit the rooms of the ship’s odd and delightful residents, choosing who she wants to spend her time with, and get to know. She can also shadow the staff and snoop around; or explore the ship itself, seeking to uncover the secrets of its murky past.

The hospital’s residents are an eclectic cast of characters – some charming, some eccentric, some rude – each with their own desires, goals and imaginations. They do as they wish, completely independent of the player character.

During the three days Casey spends on the ship, the characters around her live out their own stories - stories which she can investigate. Each character moves and acts of their own accord, on their own timeline - sharing news with each other, opinions; arguing; joking; gossiping - or having a chat with Casey when she comes by.

As Casey explores the airship and its many intertwined stories, she will discover that the effect of her actions can reverberate far beyond her expectations.

Some of our key influences in developing this multi-linear narrative style - simultaneous stories that you explore as they play out around you - are Sleep No More, a fascinating piece of interactive theatre, the late ‘90s adventure game The Last Express, and Building Stories, Chris Ware’s graphic novel collection of intricate, multilayered stories.


  • A deep story - Over a dozen characters, each with their own timeline and story.
  • A living world - All stories play out in real-time, along-side each other, throughout the ship.
  • Follow your curiosity - Eavesdrop on, follow, and talk to your favourite character to discover their stories.
  • Casey’s Notebook - Follow leads, investigate mysteries and strange happenings.
  • A unique experience every time - Choose your own path through the world as it moves around you.


Wayward Strand Teaser Trailer - "Ida's Visitor" YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (21MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "PAX Australia 2019 Indie Showcase Winner" Melbourne, October 11th, 2019
  • "Selected for the Freeplay Parallels Showcase" Melbourne, October 26th, 2017

Initially involved in Wayward Strand’s first vertical slice, 2pt have since been a constant collaborator on Wayward Strand, in particular in processes of character modelling and development. 2pt.com.au

Bunurong Land Council
The Bunurong Land Council have contributed to Wayward Strand through assisting the team in research and consulting - we’re grateful for their time and sharing of knowledge and resources. bunuronglc.org

Film Victoria
Wayward Strand would not exist without the generous and continual support of Film Victoria’s Games program. film.vic.gov.au

Wayward Strand is developed in Unity, using Inkle’s wonderful, open-source ink narrative engine. inklestudios.com

Matthew Dobrich
Responsible for some of Wayward Strand's incredible concept art; see more of his work on his artstation: artstation.com

- Jam Games -
We have created two small jam games that helped us explore various elements of Wayward Strand’s backstory or characters: they are both available for free online (see below).

- Wayward Hand
A thematic exploration of a day in the life of three Wayward Strand characters. waywardstrand.itch.io

- Sabotage in Stormy Skies
A playful interactive narrative in which a dramatic tale is told about the origins of the airship. ghostpattern.itch.io

About the team

Based primarily in Melbourne, our team consists of game industry veterans alongside emerging artists and creators from outside the digital games space.

Initially consisting of programmer/designers Jason Bakker and Russell Dilley, Wayward Strand's core team has grown to include artists Marigold Bartlett and Kalonica Quigley, and composer and audio designer Maize Wallin. We have worked with writer and dramaturg Georgia Symons throughout Wayward Strand’s development, and we also work with several other exciting collaborators, mostly within the Melbourne game development community.

The Wayward Strand Team

Marigold Bartlett
Marigold Bartlett is an illustrator and artist. She works in paint, pencil, digital media and videogames. She has worked as an artist and story consultant on games such as Florence, and was art director on Movement Study 1, a short adventure game which was awarded Best Visual Art at the Freeplay Awards 2015. Her illustration and game art has been warmly reviewed in Paste Magazine, as well as on Kotaku, TheAuReview and IGN, and she has made several contributions to the international graphic novel collaboration Bartkira.

Jason Bakker
Jason is a writer, producer and designer on Wayward Strand. He previously worked at League of Geeks, where he lead development on Armello through to release on Steam and PlayStation 4, and at Wicked Witch Software where he worked on several games, most notably as lead programmer/designer on Catapult King. He recently collaborated with Kalonica Quigley to create the experimental driving game Need 4e+9 Speed.

Maize Wallin
Maize is a sound designer, audio programmer and composer. They have worked with companies across VR (VRTOV, Deakin Motion Lab), mobile (Draknek, Square Rose Games, Glitchnap, LoveShack) and are currently working with Ghost Pattern on Wayward Strand, and their own VR musical instrument NoiseDrawers. Maize also is heavily engaged within advocacy being on the board of Widget, co-founding Non-Binary Zone, and worker advocacy as part of Game Workers Unite.

Russell Dilley
Russell is a programmer and game designer. He previously worked at Wicked Witch where he spent eight years developing ports, sports, and mobile games, eventually moving into a dual programming and production role for Rugby Challenge 3.

Kalonica Quigley
Kalonica Quigley is a game developer and 3D artist based in Melbourne, Australia. As well as being animation director on Wayward Strand, she works as an art consultant with House House on Untitled Goose Game. She was previously lead 3D artist at VRTOV, where she crafted virtual reality experiences at the borderline of film and game - this work included fairytale The Turning Forest, documentary Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, and their 2017 project A Thin Black Line. She has also created acclaimed personal projects such as Another Sunrise, an honest and quiet interactive self-portrait.

Wayward Strand is being developed with the assistance of
Film Victoria

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